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Antoine Berthier

In these days of BIG DATA, meaning more and more impressive volumes of data (so less and less controlled) - the question of content management has never been asked as often!

Imagine a solution which analyses the structure and cognitive content of some of your documents so that their counterparts in the numerous company storage areas can be discovered, labelled (TAG), de-duplicated t and finally moved into a dedicated directory! This solution exists; it is currently offered by HP BIG DATA division which provides an intelligent answer to this kind of demand for information governance.

In fact, the annual volumetric growth (50%) of business data means that it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to establish which information is vital, obsolete, redundant or devoid of business value.

This task, necessary for a healthy IS (with established Return on Investment), is becoming more and more important with the amount of digital materiel available for users who don’t always find their unstructured data as they would wish.

We therefore invite you this month to discover CONTROL POINT, a software solution for applying a governance policy for all your information.


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its risks and its cost.

HP has developed Control Point, an effective solution for optimising and governing data. We interviewed Antoine Dhaynaut, Pre-Sales Engineer and Julien Pagnac, who explained how this works and how it can be useful for businesses.

What are the features of HP Control Point?

Control Point is a solution which audits data; this means you can have an overall view of your company data whether on servers, messaging systems, SharePoint or other business applications.
The solution has a search engine « Idol » which indexes data without moving it and collects information about the data and its content. It then summarises the content and reads the metadata (creation date, author, size…). This works with all data types and in all languages. This indexing allows the user to find the exact documents in any given search.
In practical terms, users see the results in a table which sorts data in several ways: by type, volume, date it was added...

What are the uses for this solution?

Control Point identifies all ROT (Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial) data, i.e. all data which is of no use to the company.
This allows businesses to free themselves from all data which pollutes their storage environment, slows down their backup and restore procedures and impacts the performance of their company applications.

HP Control Point is therefore a solution which cleans up and de-duplicates « useless » data; that’s its first use. Its big advantage is that it is simple to use and the Return on Investment (ROI) is quickly identified as the saving is easy to calculate.

In the same way, this indexing identifies sensitive documents such as bank account numbers, social security numbers, contracts…..and puts them into secure and better adapted storage.

For these two types of use, the process is done selectively, for example once or twice a year. There is a third type of use which allows the company to take control of all data flow and put in place a strategy for governance of information. For example, the company can decide that all contracts must be stored in a certain place.


In our example, contracts are all identified and can be filed in the same place. There is another strategic component which makes Control Point particularly relevant and that is in the identification of data which has value if exploited. This is the component which we currently call Big Data.

On a practical note, does the licence allow you to make use of all these functions?

There are two versions of HP Control Point which the company chooses depending on its needs. The first is a simplified version “ Storage optimiser “ which only optimises storage without accessing the content.

The second version “Control Point full” indexes the content so more can be done with the data.

The first is aimed at IT departments who use it to optimise data volumes; the second is more business oriented since it involves people who identify the risks associated with certain information. The optimisation of storage is relevant to all companies from whatever sector, from those using a few Terabytes of data to those using several Petabytes.

The features related to risk management relate more specifically to companies which have compliance issues; structures that are often in high-regulated sectors: insurance, banking or those which have extensive litigation or do research...
The licence is linked to the volume analysed. We offer licence packages.

What are the advantages of this solution?

HP Control Point has no technical limitations and can be installed in all types of environment. Compared to other products on the “storage optimisation “ part of the market, HP Control Point is recognised as being easier and nicer to use thanks to its well thought out user interface. But most of all, our real differentiation is in the analysis of content in terms of both performance and relevance.

HP Control Point is the ideal solution for dealing with problems of storage, identification of sensitive information, migration of data or more generally for setting up a governance of information policy.



With HP Control Point you can free yourself from the redundant, outdated and trivial data which is polluting your storage environment, slowing down your backup and restore procedures and impacting the performance of your business applications. By indexing and analysing your unstructured data, HP Control Point lets you, simply and securely, sort, rearrange and purge data as you want, depending on your needs and your information governance policy.

HP Control Point is a solution that allows a total clean up and de-duplication of “useless” data but at the same time identifies, reorganises and migrates “useful” data. It does this by taking advantage of the unrivalled performance of the HP IDOL search engine which can make a complete index of the document content

It is based on unique characteristics:

A full analysis of the data content

Automatic detection of entities (eg social security number, bank account number, personal details, company name...)

A categorisation of data by content, metadata and identified entities and then machine learning

A recognised applicative methodology

An ability to manage data wherever it is without having to move it (“manage-in-place”)

400 application connectors

Thus HP Control Point is the ideal solution for problems with optimising storage, identifying sensitive information, migrating data or more generally with setting up an information governance policy.

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